About Cell-Net

The Stevens Cell-Net is a smart cellular data modem designed for remote environmental monitoring & control M2M applications across many industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Golf course / sports turf
  • Water resource management
  • Aquaculture
  • Industrial and municipal tank monitoring for gas and water
  • Mining
  • Bioremediation

The Cell-Net is designed to better manage power consumption, data delivery information, communication protocols, and system health diagnostics, linking sensor data to information and analysis online via Stevens' Cloud-based software Stevens-Connect.

Some of the advanced features and advantages of the Cell-Net include:

  • Power Management: Cell-Net offers data buffering and other data management procedures, along with various user-selectable options to help better manage power consumption.
  • Smart Modem features: Easily connect the Cell-Net via serial communication to new or existing systems using Stevens data loggers, or other 3rd-party data loggers / RTUs.
  • Intelligent data management: Stevens Cell-Net features unique data handling processes to help avoid missing critical data transmissions due to busy cellular networks.

Cell-Net offers both CDMA and GSM network support for world-wide coverage in more than 200 countries. Stevens Water is a Verizon Value Added Reseller.

For more information on the Stevens Cell-Net, please visit the Stevens Water website or call Stevens at (503) 445-8000.